Leadership with Horses

Let horses teach you skills that transform your ability to lead!

Now more than ever, we recognize that the leadership challenges we face today are not so much about technical skills, as they are about integrity and character.  Our leadership effectiveness is directly tied to our self-expression as leaders – the harmony of our thoughts, words and action.  Research and results show time and again that successful leaders who meet organizational challenges, make the most of opportunities, and get the best from their teams, know how to:

  • Establish connected relationships.
  • Inspire and bring people together around a shared purpose.
  • Lead with poise, power and presence.

Nothing will develop your leadership like spending time
with a horse as your coach and teacher!

Amanda Madorno with Roo

Get a new view of what’s possible with horses and contact Amanda for a free 30-minute consultation to establish your goals and criteria for success. Then, work with Amanda to determine the specific topics you would like to have covered. You can also arrange a 2-hour introductory session at Epona Meadows to get a sense of what it’s like to work in partnership with horses.