Leadership Experts

The instructors who deliver programs through Roam Consulting bring core specialities as well as study, training and certification in a variety of equine experiential learning (EEL) disciplines.

Beth Avolio, PhD
Beth AvolioBeth Avolio, PhD is a licensed psychologist in the states of Washington, Nebraska and New York.  She has worked for twenty-five years in both public agencies and private practice.  Horses have been part of her life since childhood.  After discovering the power horses have to help people in any number of areas, she was a therapist with Take Flight Farms and obtained Advanced Certification through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).  She also has Instructor Certification through NARHA.  Now Beth serves as a mentor to therapists hoping to learn the techniques of equine assisted learning and therapy.

Beth has worked with teens and children in in-patient residential treatment settings as well as teens in alternative school placements and children in foster care.  This includes both individual and group therapy and equine assisted learning.  She has facilitated groups with eating disordered youth and individual sessions with young adults in residential treatment preparing for transition to independent living.  In addition, she ran an ongoing group for older teens and young adults with substance abuse disorders.  She has facilitated corporate programs and programs for college students in teambuilding and leadership skills as well as programs designed to help train physicians in better communication skills and more effective nonverbal communication with patients.  www.silverliningeqf.com 

Doug Banner
Doug BannerDoug Banner, Professional Storyteller, Educator, Community activist, musician and artist helps people learn how the intellectual and emotional stories we tell promote or prevent positive growth personally and collectively and explores how the “Myths of Our Times” influence our models of leadership and community action.  An educator for 30 years, Doug has studied the art and science of storytelling as the core foundation in social and cultural development and positive change. Formerly an elementary school teacher and principal, Doug is now adjunct faculty at Western Washington University.

As the Inquiry Director of the Flow Project Doug directs and coordinates data collection, analysis, and processing in the area of art infused leadership, www.theflowproject.org.  In addition to performing as a storyteller and musician, Doug presents his work and the work of the Flow Project for organizations such as the Compassion Action Network, The Association of Transpersonal Psychology, Organizations Systems Renewal at Seattle University, the Kinship Conservation Fellows and the International Leadership Association.  In addition to regional work Doug works internationally with the NuWa International Peace Delegation, the Reflections of Generosity.  The work of the Flow Project is expanding to Nepal, Argentina, and Columbia.  www.dougbannerstoryteller.com 

Alexia Allen
Alexia AllenAlexia Allen, wilderness survival expert, works as faculty at the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, Washington, a nationally recognized environmental education organization.  She is staff specialist for the Anake Outdoor School, a nine-month wilderness course that provides in-depth training in a powerful set of nature awareness and wilderness survival skills.  A 2002 graduate of this program, Alexia also completed the Kamana Naturalist Training.  She has worked as a bird biologist in the North Cascades and Olympic National Parks, and has a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration on bird behavior and communication. Alexia’s Bashkir Curly mare, Abby, and her Shetland pony, Anna, lend feminine energy to the Epona Meadows Herd.