Leadership Development with Horses

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Alexia & Abby
The key is staying focused on each step in the process. If you lose your focus as a leader, the horse mirrors that for you. They stop following you. Or they walk away from you. They sense your distraction or lack of commitment in that moment. The most significant learning for me was coming to understand that as a leader, I need to make and keep my commitment to each step in the process. - Asa Irwin, Friends of Youth
I grew up with horses, yet, I did not consider what they had to teach me about my body language and general communications with my staff. Amanda's approach has taught me to stop, listen and pay attention to the little things that people are telling me non verbally. Amanda's workshop was presented in a very professional, yet relaxed environment. Worth the investment! - Terri Inglis, Executive Director, Homeward Pets
The day was a special experience in how much horses have to teach us about ourselves as leaders. They are so perceptive and honest. The Epona Meadows herd showed me how being congruent in my spoken and unspoken language can bring me closer or farther away from my team and our goals. - Catherine Stehr, MA
This training was actually about more than leadership at work. We all have an opportunity, in every aspects of our life, to be a leader and foster leadership in other people. This experience was an authentic life lesson for me. Asa Irwin, Major Gifts Officer, Friends of Youth
Thank you for the incredible gift of your time, your horses, and your healing. The afternoon we spent together has been tremendously helpful to me and I want to learn more about horse medicine. You have a rare gift. I am thankful that you shared it with me and hope to see you sharing it with others. – Lynne Taddeo, Microsoft
Amanda is a very strong and direct coach and her connection between coaching leaders and using horses is powerful. The parallels with the horses are incredibly enlightening and more effective than a lot of the leadership training that I have previously experienced. - Neal Myrick, former Executive Director, Groundwire
We facilitate breakthrough experiences that pair leaders and teams with horses to reach new levels of insight, teamwork and productivity. You will participate in a variety of activities with horses that develop emotional intelligence skills, collaboration and cooperation, courage and creativity. From private coaching sessions to multi-day programs, we work with you to develop an experience tailored to your goals, which may include how to:

  • Expand your personal authority and leadership presence.
  • Better engage and motivate others around a shared vision.
  • Advance trust and mutual respect.
  • Drive commitment and accountability.
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively within and across teams.
  • Move more quickly from conflict to resolution.
  • Unleash team potential to improve the bottom line.

Our customized offerings are for those who are committed to personal excellence in their leadership of others. The curriculum is grounded in the principles and skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) and helps participants translate:

  • self-awareness and self-management skills into personal competency;
  • social awareness and relationship management skills into relationship competency.

Each session combines individual exercises, small learning teams and experiential activities – all with coaching and peer feedback. Activities are designed to provide powerful, effective opportunities for participants to get involved, discuss and de-brief to understand how to improve their performance, and transfer their learning into the work place.

All activities are designed with safety requirements for both horses and people. No riding is involved and no prior horse or riding experience is necessary to participate.

Introductory or Foundation Sessions

Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Leading with Emotional Intelligence lays the foundation for developing personal competency through self-awareness and self-management skills. Emotionally intelligent leaders know themselves and can translate this self-awareness into effective self-management.
Leading with Trust
Leading with Trust strengthens your ability to combine personal responsibility with compassion and respect for others.  Steeped in the principles from Covey’s Speed of Trust, this workshop transforms your ability to establish and maintain trusting relationships, which is a fundamental of emotionally intelligent leadership.
Leadership and Horse Sense
Leadership and Horse Sense shows you how your professional success is tightly linked to your use and knowledge of body language – whether you know it or not.  Leaders who know how to accurately de-code the silent signals of others, and who are able to use body language that is aligned with the attitudes they want to project, gain a competitive advantage in business – no matter what business they’re in!

Advanced Sessions

The Language of Connection™
The Language of Connection™ opens the door to storytelling as an essential communication skill for leaders.  Featuring professional storyteller Doug Banner with Amanda and the Epona Meadows’ herd, you’ll create and learn to tell the stories you need to motivate, communicate and establish strong relationships with your team.
Leading from your Core™
Leading from your Core™ helps you cultivate the physical credibility you need to lead with poise and authority. Join acclaimed choreographer JoAnna Mendl-Shaw, Amanda, and the Epona Meadows herd to explore how movement and intention ground and center your leadership effectiveness. There are currently no Leading from your Core sessions scheduled.

Post-Program Coaching and Learning Opportunities

After Your Session
Leadership Coaching: Continue to expand your learning after completing one of these workshops with follow-up coaching support.  Amanda’s coaching packages (which include individual sessions with the horses) are a great investment toward helping you reach your personal leadership goals.

Group Learning: Sign-up for free post-program teleconferences or web casts. These optional 60-minute sessions provide the latest best practices and strategies from guest instructors, as well as opportunities to trouble-shoot your key challenges and deepen your learning with a coach. There are four sessions that occur approximately once every six weeks.