About Amanda

Amanda has helped hundreds of successful leaders and their teams drive personal and organizational change. Over the years, she’s worked with executives and governing boards from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations. She combines a delightful sense of humor with no-nonsense business savvy, and pragmatic yet insightful feedback to help you step into your most effective and authentic leadership.

Her coaching, leadership development and consulting services are infused with what she herself has learned as a leader. A seasoned interim CEO, with 17 completed assignments, Amanda brings a deep and broad understanding of the nature of executive performance, leadership sustainability, and leadership transitions to her work.

She’s navigated organizational re-structures and orchestrated financial turnarounds. She knows what it takes to engage others around core cultural changes and move forward in the right direction. It’s why she’s a compassionate yet effective advisor, creative strategist, and sensible sounding board for her clients.

A lifelong horsewoman, endurance rider and dressage student, Amanda has learned a lot about leadership and life from her equine companions. Over the years, she’s witnessed first-hand the deficits in many business trainings that simply fail to impart the emotional and intuitive skill necessary to master leadership.

She knows that nothing develops your leadership faster and more effectively
than spending time with a horse as your coach and teacher.

Inspired by horse’s innate ability to reflect back leadership strengths and gaps to the people who interact with them, and their natural gifts in teaching humans how to be better leaders, Amanda developed one of the best equine leadership development programs in the country. She combines her knowledge of horses with her coaching and facilitation skills, and her understanding of what leaders and teams need, to offer transformative experiences to groups of all sizes. She and her herd of equine coaches power up your EQ and help you discover how you can be more effective in the business arena.

With Amanda as your coach and ally, you’ll take away a sharp focus about your leadership purpose and values.

You’ll change your leadership in ways that have a strong, positive influence on those you lead and your organization as a whole.
You can count on it!

Let Roam Consulting LLC get you started on the path to excellence!

An Inspiring Motivational Speaker

Whether it’s a keynote, pre-conference intensive, or leadership summit, Amanda delivers keen business and leadership insight to groups of all sizes. She blends her provocative perspective with real-world lessons and equal doses of wit and wisdom. Your audience will be nodding “Yes!” instead of nodding off.

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