Considering a Coach?

The goal of leadership coaching is to enhance your ability to integrate and transfer new awareness and learning to create optimum results. A coach can help you by offering insights for change, or, direct solutions for a specific dilemma. Additionally a coach can assist you in better understanding how certain behaviors contribute to, or detract from, obtaining your desired results. A coach can also be a sounding board for untested ideas in a challenging, yet supportive environment.

What are some benefits of leadership coaching?

  • Communicate and influence effectively.
  • Incorporate strategic and innovative thinking into every day decisions.
  • Produce an effective executive presence that builds trust and commitment.
  • Build your emotional intelligence or EQ.
  • Manage challenging relationships and resolve conflicts.
  • Coach direct reports to problem-solve and work together more effectively.

What distinguishes an executive or leadership coach from other coaches?

  • A firm grounding in business knowledge and competencies.
  • Thorough understanding of the world of the executive leader.
  • A broad understanding of leadership and leadership development.
  • Knowledge of organizational dynamics.

What are some possible reasons for working with a leadership coach?

To increase effectiveness as a leader…

Sometimes leadership issues can be better explored and understood when working one on one with a coach. Although training seminars provide valuable tools, it takes practice to transfer this learning into new behavior patterns. A coach works with clients to develop an action plan to integrate goals and learning into individual leadership styles.

To get unstuck from a dilemma…

Leaders are often faced with dilemmas that require thoughtful deliberation and action to implement positive change. A coach can offer neutral feedback on these dilemmas, provide alternative suggestions, and be a confidential sounding board for new ideas.

To navigate difficult terrain…

A coach can provide assistance to further understand the larger system of work and how you are being affected, or are affecting others within this larger system. Organizations are similar to spider webs in that an interconnection exists which can influence the way we work. Understanding how we fit into the larger system and how we can work most effectively within it can often be best understood with the help of an outside observer who can provide a whole systems perspective to the work environment.

To learn how to better lead your team….

Carrying out the dual role of holding staff accountable for performance and coaching them to become better performers can feel at times like walking a tight rope. Achieving this delicate balancing act can be achieved with clear objectives and a deeper understanding of the duality of leadership roles.

To learn new skills and cope with change…

Managing and leading in the ‘new normal’ means doing business differently and utilizing skills which can seem foreign to many executives. Coaching can help you confront increasingly complex challenges for financial sustainability, accountability, productivity, workforce diversity and satisfaction.