Do you want to create…

  • An opening for your board to change?
  • A climate of engagement and meaningful decision-making in your board room?
  • New motivation and commitments from your board members to take action?
  • Renewed vision and leadership from your board?

Powerful Results

Strategic Planning Board session with Seldovia Village Tribe

There’s a difference between having a functioning board and a high performing board. A high performing board not only understands its role, it thinks and acts strategically, practices shared leadership with the executive, enthusiastically participates in areas where they can have the highest impact, and actively promotes the mission of the organization.  If you want visionary leadership and governing excellence in your boardroom, Amanda can help you:

  • Change your board members’ perception of what it means to govern.
  • Create a safe place for frank conversations that build trust.
  • Re-engage board members in why they serve and what they want to accomplish.

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