Are You Facing a Leadership Transition?

We help boards recruit outstanding nonprofit leaders

Your executive’s departure may have just happened, or they may have announced a resignation that will take effect six months, or perhaps a year from now. Even with the most amicable of transitions, most boards experience some anxiety around the de-stabilization a change of leadership can cause.  All board members – to some degree – are properly concerned about the cost and expertise required to conduct a search for a new leader. Many boards confront important questions and concerns about:

  • The best way to find the new leader your organization needs.
  • Whether you can afford to hire an executive recruiter, or whether the board can do the search on its own.
  • Who on your board has the time and capability to conduct a search.

Finding the right leader can be challenging, and requires know-how, discipline and dedication. Yet, many boards are both willing and able to undertake a search with the right kind of guidance along the way.  Contact Amanda to find out how Roam Consulting can help you find your next leader.

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