Leadership Transitions

You have so much courage.  You stepped into things and asked for the truth.  You brought hope and asked tough questions.  You came to us when it seemed like nobody really cared.  I really admire and continue to admire your courage and ability to walk through adversity with grace.  Thank you! – Susan, Youthcare staff

A powerful time for change

Searching for a successor is a fact of life for most organizations. At some point, leaders leave. At the same time, organizations need to keep moving forward. It would be great if all leadership transitions were planned out in advance and went smoothly.  Often however, an executive’s departure is unplanned and a time of high-risk. Roam Consulting helps you avoid those risks – which may include a loss of:

  • Organizational momentum.
  • Decrease in overall morale.
  • Trust and goodwill among stakeholders.

We help you set the stage for success

Your well-planned transition with effective stakeholder communications will help ensure a smooth transition to the next executive – whether the prior executive’s departure was planned or unplanned.  Amanda has built her career helping boards and organizations refocus on their future during an executive transition. With more than fifteen interim executive assignments under her belt, she works with you to keep your organization on track, address critical issues, and map out the necessary steps for a successful executive transition. She offers a full range of services:

  • Transition coaching for executives
  • Transition and succession planning
  • Professional interim executive management
  • Executive search

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