What Can You Learn From a Horse? Lead others with earned authority, rather than a formal title or position. Gain greater awareness of your communication strengths and gaps. Discover how your nonverbal messages influence the way others perceive you as a leader. Align your intent with body language that supports – rather than sabotages –… Continue Reading

Leadership with Horses

Discover How Horses Transform Your Ability to Lead and Work Together   When it comes to kicking your leadership up a notch, there’s nothing quite like a power session with horses. By their nature, horses seek out confident, trustworthy leaders. Horses have a special ability to provide you with a dramatic view of how your… Continue Reading

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Horses Help Bring a Medical Team Together

Horses Help Bring a Medical Team Together

After working with Amanda on a governance retreat, I asked her to put together a team building and leadership session with horses. I had a fractured team, made up of both old and new staff members.  They just weren’t jelling. I had recently hired a new medical director, and we both decided that we wanted…

We are proud to partner with Willows Lodge, offering Leadership with Horses
for companies hosting business meetings at the Lodge.

What do Willows Lodge and Roam Consulting have in common? We both share: It just makes good business sense for Roam Consulting to affiliate with Willows Lodge. Now when businesses choose Willows Lodge for their offsite location, they can also schedule a Leadership with Horses Program. For more information about the discounts and special offerings… Continue Reading

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