Motivate your group with the right words…
and the right speaker

Amanda Madorno presenting a Board Development workshop for United Way of King County

This was a really terrific presentation — well presented and dynamic. Energetic — not a dry lecture!— Participant, United Way of King County workshop

Whether it’s a keynote, an all day leadership-intensive or a  two-hour presentation, Amanda brings her trademark humor, straight-talk and friendly advice to groups of all sizes.  Amanda speaks at conferences and leadership institutes around the country on leadership, emotional intelligence, and board development.  All her sessions learner-centered, interactive and participatory.

Amanda offers practical solutions to everyday problems on all kinds of topics. And because she delivers her remarks with equal doses of wit and wisdom, you’ll be nodding your head “yes!” instead of nodding off. Plus, you’ll be able to take away real-world lessons that work right away.  Some of her most popular topics and conference sessions include:

  • Advanced Board Leadership – Going beyond the Basics
  • What’s Your EQ?
  • Board-Centered Leadership: How to Have the Board You Want
  • Pack your Board Meetings with Punch: Using a Strategic Agenda
  • The Leadership of Letting Go: Succession Planning
  • How to Prepare for and Survive Executive Transitions
  • It’s Your Turn: How to be an Effective Board Chair
  • Shared Leadership:  Reframing the Board-executive Partnership

Got a topic that’s not on the list? Amanda’s got you covered. She gladly tailors her comments to address a variety of subjects.

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