Ever Wrestle With One of These Thoughts?

We’ve got process, but not enough governance content at board meetings.
Our strategic plan is nothing more than a to-do list with a bunch of tactics.
Poor design sabotages our leadership team meetings – we need some help!
We need to prepare for an executive transition and don’t know where to start.

Strategy and Facilitation

As a leader, you are often faced with complicated business problems, changing priorities and critical decisions that can either move you toward lasting success or leave you spinning your wheels. For your organization to be effective, you need a clear vision and goals, solid business strategy, and team and leadership alignment. Your board can be a leadership force on behalf of your organization, or, ineffective and unfocused. Leadership transitions can be a time of uncertainty and upheaval, or, a smooth link to the next phase of growth.

Amanda guides you through the essential conversations, helps you build smart processes, and sets accountability bench marks that clarify and resolve your most important strategic and operational challenges.

She gets you there with:

  • Strategic planning and implementation support.
  • Team Excellence programs to prepare your people
    for effective engagement and execution.
  • Artful facilitation and inspired retreat planning to
    engage key participants.
  • Coaching for individuals and teams.
  • Evaluating leadership and
    organizational capacity.
  • Advising to ensure you have the people and systems in place to execute your strategy.




Strategic Planning


Define critical issues. Set clear goals. Create a blueprint for success.

Strategy – and its successful execution – are critical to the long-term success and health of your business. Whether for-profit or non-profit, every leader needs a plan to thrive in today’s economy. Everything you do flows from your organizational purpose to move you toward your vision of success.

Amanda works with you to hone in on your mission, create a powerful vision, and develop strategies to thrive in an environment of constant change. She ensures you have the most important strategy conversations to drive results – whether that’s tackling sacred cows or deciding what you need to stop doing. She helps you open the door to innovative approaches to old problems and develop curiosity around new ideas that foster creative problem-solving. Along the way, her facilitation encourages people to galvanize around a shared purpose and goal for the future.




Artful Meeting Facilitation

Productive business meetings with engaged participants are at the core of business success. Yet, many meetings are a drain and a waste of time. How often have you sat there and realized that the meeting has turned into something else, and the discussion has drifted from where you wanted it to go? It’s bad enough when it happens at regularly scheduled team meetings. When it happens during a key strategy meeting, the opportunity as well as hard costs can be more significant.

Amanda doesn’t like to waste time – yours or hers. Whether it’s a half-day session for strategic planning, strategy execution, or governance retreat, she creates a safe place for frank conversations that build trust and get to the point. She uses a creative and participatory process that allows you to have focused and engaging conversations and become more insightful, effective and efficient. Her facilitation is infused with fun and infectious enthusiasm that guides you and your team
to work better, faster and smarter.




Board Governance — From Functioning Well to High Performance

Do you want to foster…

  • An opportunity for your board to change their perception of what it means to govern?
  • A safe place for frank conversations that build trust?
  • A climate of engagement and meaningful
    decision-making in your board room?
  • Highly motivated passionate
    board members?
  • New commitment from your board members to take action?
  • Renewed vision and board leadership?

There’s a difference between having a functioning board and a high-performing board. A high-performing board not only understands its role, it also thinks and acts strategically, shares leadership, enthusiastically participates, and actively promotes the mission of the organization. Amanda takes you beyond the basics to optimize your board’s performance, clarify governance priorities, establish effective decision-making, and grow board leaders. With Amanda at your side, board members change their perspective on what it means to govern and re-engage in why they serve and what they need to accomplish.




Leverage Your Leadership Transition

Navigating the waters of an executive transition can be challenging. It can feel like a deep crisis. At the same time, it is a pivotal moment for change, an opportunity that organizations can leverage. It can be a time for assessment, reconsideration, and renewal. With Amanda as your trusted advisor, your organization can avoid the pitfalls that typically accompany a leadership transition, such as:

  • Loss of organizational momentum.
  • A decrease in overall morale.
  • Reduced trust and goodwill among stakeholders.
Amanda and her team have decades of experience helping boards and organizations refocus their future during an executive transition. She works with you to keep your organization on track, address critical issues, and find just the right leader. Her approach combines capacity-building services with executive search to ensure you are well positioned for long-term success.

Transition Services

  • Transition coaching and succession planning for sitting executives, to help them
    personally prepare for change.
  • Board and staff development to help your team successfully manage the emotional and
    operational currents of organizational change.
  • An organizational assessment to identify areas that need strengthening before
    the new executive takes charge.

Search Services

  • Developing a position profile that clearly lays out the type of leadership necessary
    to move the onprofit towards its vision.
  • Conducting a deep and broad search to deliver a strong and diverse pool of executive-level candidates
    from which the board can select.
  • Providing post-hire support to ensure that the board and the new executive are
    well positioned for success.

If you’re looking for a different planning experience, a governance retreat that is both
meaningful and enjoyable, or about to navigate an executive transition, give Amanda a call.

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