What to expect from a coach

  • Set appropriate boundaries and policies.
  • Expect you to set the agenda for each session.
  • Listen to you carefully on multiple levels.
  • Ask powerful, direct questions.
  • Genuinely appreciate, endorse and support your success.
  • Take the risk to be wrong rather than holding back important truths.
  • Assist you in setting goals, planning and strategizing action steps.
  • Give perspectives, options, and suggestions to create awareness and catalyze your own solutions.
  • Make powerful requests to deepen your process between sessions.

What to expect from yourself in your coaching sessions

  • Make your coaching sessions a priority.
  • Come to each session with a specific agenda or discussion topic.
  • Complete what you agree to do.  Use what you learn.  Do your own work.
  • Be open-minded and willing to try new approaches.  Stretch outside your comfort zone!
  • Be responsible for your own feelings, decisions and actions.  Be responsible for your success.
  • Get to know yourself as you are now and ask yourself to change to become who you want to be as a leader.
  • Tell me the truth.  Tell yourself the truth.  Tell the truth to others.
  • Be willing to change your beliefs if they do not serve you anymore.
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