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Amanda is an award winning coach who helps professionals improve their leadership skills. For nearly 30 years, Roam Consulting LLC has inspired excellence in leaders and teams. For more information on Amanda’s coaching, consulting, speaking or facilitation services, start by getting in touch. She’s happy to schedule a complimentary 30-minute conversation with you to discuss your needs. Improve your leadership development skills now. Call Amanda at (425) 488-7747 or send her an Email.

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Amanda helps you develop your leadership skills

Amanda who are works with leaders and teams serious about personal growth and change. She helps clients develop their emotional intelligence, make better decisions, arrive at smarter solutions, align execution with strategy, grow their organization, and motivate their teams. When clients work with Amanda, they discover practical new approaches that range from subtle behavioral changes at the interpersonal level to the more visible, broad strokes of executive leadership. In the arena or a more traditional learning environment, Amanda coaches and facilitates breakthroughs to a new level of performance.

Let Amanda unlock your true leadership potential

Influence Digest Top Executive Coach Seattle WA

For last the fifteen years I’ve been blessed to work with Amanda as my executive coach (at least three times!), strategic planner, and trainer. Now, she’s helping me build the most amazing leadership team. Her huge heart, and willingness to call it like she sees it, are the perfect combination for a coach. She really believes in me/us/you.  I’ve always enjoyed her style, but over the last couple of years she’s helped my team grow into even more amazing leaders. My organization is a team of do-gooders fighting for what’s right.  We’re doing in it a complex political environment. Each week, we’re faced with institutional racism and human suffering.  Lots of people intend to do good, but change is hard. Her work with the leaders on my team has been game changing. Not only are we finding better ways to take care of ourselves, we’re also finding and honoring the parts of us that make us who we are. There aren’t enough accolades to share my profound gratitude for her work with me and my teams.

Alison Poulson

Executive Director, Better Health Together

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