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Meeting Facilitation
Poor design sabotages our leadership team meetings.
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Artful Meeting Facilitation

Productive business meetings with engaged participants are at the core of business success. Yet, many meetings are a drain and a waste of time. How often have you sat there and realized that the meeting has turned into something else, and the discussion has drifted from where you wanted it to go? It’s bad enough when it happens at regularly scheduled team meetings. When it happens during a key strategy meeting, the opportunity as well as hard costs can be more significant.

Amanda doesn’t like to waste time – yours or hers. Whether it’s a half-day session for strategic planning, strategy execution, or governance retreat, she creates a safe place for frank conversations that build trust and get to the point. She uses a creative and participatory process that allows you to have focused and engaging conversations and become more insightful, effective and efficient. Her facilitation is infused with fun and infectious enthusiasm that guides you and your team to work better, faster and smarter.

Amanda’s so good that we brought her back to facilitate a second board retreat. She’s like lightning in a jar. She engages your board and staff, and customizes her approach, so you hit the target you were aiming at.

Larry Petry

CEO, American Red Cross of Seattle/Kitsap County

Amanda’s highly effective facilitation using fun and insightful shared learning experiences, advanced us light years forward. here is indeed a fresh and exciting energy amongst us. That’s worth its weight in gold.

Starr Macdonald

Executive Director, Executive Development Institute

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