Four Common Leadership Issues


You need to ramp up your leadership skills to manage change and disruption in your business.


You’ve lost your focus and are just too close to an issue and need help to see your way through.


You want to be a strong, positive influence for your people and on your organization as a whole.


You’re looking for a new perspective on your leadership and ways to be more effective.

Executive Coaching

Leaders come to me with their big ideas and big problems, their successes and their failures. I understand their challenges and issues because I’ve sat in the same chair. Not once or twice – but 17 times as an interim CEO, for businesses small and large. I know just how difficult and rewarding leadership can be. I’ve had my wins and made my share of mistakes. Some of them I can laugh at now. Some of them, well… I still wince. And I have a pretty good take on what leaders face every day.

Working Together

Whether you’re an accomplished leader or new to your role, you have one, giant force to reckon with – yourself. You know to be at your best requires some undivided attention to what you need now to be a more effective leader, regardless of how much experience you have.

When you work with me, we get down to business and the heart of the matter. I’m tough and supportive. Direct and understanding. I hold your feet to the fire while giving you a safe environment to be yourself and speak your truth.

My coaching is grounded in EQ principles and practices that help you translate skills into EQ competency. EQ is that elusive and often missing piece of leadership that unlocks the power of your personal presence and credibility, as well as your ability to inspire and motivate others, collaborate effectively, and unleash your leadership creativity.

Typically, we work together for six months.

Many leaders return for a 90-day reset if they take a new position or increased responsibilities in their current role.

Others schedule periodic check-ins after the first six months when they face a time-sensitive challenge or just need a refresh.

And many of my clients spend some of their coaching sessions one-on-one in an arena with horses, who have a thing or two to teach you about your leadership.

How I Help You Develop Your Leadership Skills

  • Lead with excellence by strengthening your emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Develop your authentic leadership style and strengths.
  • Gain greater leadership presence and personal authority.
  • Uncover your leadership blind spots and turn them into strengths you can leverage.
  • Help you see that system problems are people problems.

Let me help you be at your leadership best.

Industry Coaching Experience

  • BioTech
  • Community Health Care
  • Convention and Hospitality
  • Entrepreneurial/Start-ups
  • Foundations and Associations
  • Health and Human Services
  • Higher Education/Schools
  • Legal and Proffessional Services
  • NonProfit Sector
  • Technology
  • Workforce Solutions

Amanda is a godsend! She turned a challenging leadership transition into an incredible learning and personal growth opportunity that continues to benefit me today. I can’t thank her enough for the contribution she made to our organization, and, my individual growth. The high point was coaching sessions with her horses. I bonded with Cato instantly. His immediate response to my body language, focus, intent, and energy taught me more in an hour than any all-day seminar could ever teach me. Two years after working with Cato, I interviewed for the most amazing leadership position of my career.

Throughout that process, I called upon that time with Cato and walked in to the interview with a clear vision, focus, and a powerful leadership energy that I am certain helped me land the job.

Many thanks to Amanda and my buddy Cato!

Neil Myrick

Global Head, Tableau Foundation

Amanda’s not afraid to challenge your thinking. When you bring a problem to her, you’ll leave with shifts in your perspective, and clear next steps to practice with your team. The more you bring the results back to her, the better you will get. The more open you are, the better you will get.

See the coaching and the assignments she gives you through. The more open I was to what she suggested, the more I learned. I’ve asked for more coaching because I enjoyed the sessions so much.

John Gagnon

Sales Director, Bing Ads

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