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Horses have taught me a kind of meditation that’s only possible when you’re acting as one and communicating instinctively without words. – Robert Redmond

The Power of Pause

Renew.  Refocus.  Recharge

Amid uncertainty and unpredictability, it’s essential to set aside time to reconnect with ourselves. When we pause and become mindful about quieting what is in our heads, we allow the wisdom of the body and heart to inform our leadership.

Benefits of Mindfulness Coaching

Join Amanda for a special day with her horses out in nature. Discover how mindfulness can strengthen your resiliency, your self-awareness and help you cope with uncertainty. Connect with some wonderful horses who can show you a thing or two about how to slow down, release stress, and become more centered.

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How Do Horses Teach Mindfulness?

>Horses are creatures of the present.  They are naturally mindful of their environment and us. When we interact with them, horses require us to be fully present and clear in our intentions – in other words, more mindful. They discern our mood, mirror our thoughts and feelings, and respond to how we show up without judgment. Learning with horses helps us become more skilled in our mindfulness and leadership intentions.

What You’ll Experience

  • A grounded peacefulness in the company of horses, who know how to relax.
  • Interactions with horses that support your goals for the day.
  • Most activities are on the ground.
  • An opportunity for a guided meditation ride.
  • Reflective opportunities like quiet time, journaling, or sketching.

What’s Included

  • A private, individual session for a half or full day from 9 AM - Noon, or 9 AM - 3 PM.
  • You can also schedule a semi-private session for up to four people.
  • A certified facilitator and a somatic coach.
  • A boxed lunch you may enjoy in the fields, surrounded by horses.
  • An assistant who supports your session with horse handling and coordinating logistics.

How to Register

To schedule a Mindfulness Coaching session for you or your team, contact Amanda today at (425) 488-7747. Or send an Email.

Benefits of our program

  • Recapture a sense of your clarity and purpose.
  • Tune in to the wisdom of and messages from your body.
  • Become more alert and alive to connection.
  • Strengthen your resiliency and adaptability.

I had a Power Coaching Session with Horses. This was an exceptional experience that I will remember for a long time. Amanda and her team were wonderful to work with, including the horses! The hands-on session provided great insights for me and my leadership style. I was able to take what I learned and immediately put it into practice at my company. I’m very thankful for what Amanda taught me! Her passion for both leadership and horses was obvious and made her a great coach to learn from.

Jennifer Guild

Manager, Post- and Pre-Production, MedBridge

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All sessions meet federal and state requirements for safe business practices and social engagement.
Our nature-based setting restores your mind, body, and soul.
The horses offer profound guidance to help you restore clarity, confidence and purpose in your daily leadership.

As a first-time executive director who faced staffing changes, board turnover, a financial collapse, and a pandemic in my first six months, Amanda’s coaching was essential to the transformation of our organization and my development as a leader. 

Kirk Hovenkotter

Executive Director, GRTMA

We are proud to partner with Willows Lodge, offering Leadership with Horses for companies hosting business meetings at the Lodge.

What do Willows Lodge and Roam Consulting have in common?

We both share:

  • Dedication to providing memorable meeting and retreat experiences for our clients.
  • Proximity to each other. We host Leadership With Horses minutes from the Lodge.
  • Idyllic, nature-based locations that create a reflective and productive environment
    for you and your team.
  • Top-notch professionals who are expert at what they do.

It just makes good business sense for Roam Consulting to affiliate with Willows Lodge. Now when businesses choose Willows Lodge for their offsite location, they can also schedule a Leadership with Horses Program.

For more information about the discounts and special offerings available to you, contact
Willows Lodge or Amanda Madorno.

Partnership with Amanda and Roam Consulting allows us to offer something different to our corporate guests in the way of leadership training and team-building.

We know that groups want more than a classroom experience to elevate their learning. They want to experience something extraordinary that they can take back and apply in their own work environments.

We take pride in finding the sorts of partnerships that help us continue to evolve as a preferred venue for all types of company retreats.

Janene Varden

Director of Sales and Marketing, Willows Lodge

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