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Strategic Planning
Our strategic plan is nothing more than
a to-do list with a bunch of tactics.

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Define critical issues. Set clear goals.

Create a blueprint for success.

Strategy – and its successful execution – are critical to the long-term success and health of your business. Whether for-profit or non-profit, every leader needs a plan to thrive in today’s economy. Everything you do flows from your organizational purpose to move you toward your vision of success.

Amanda works with you to hone in on your mission, create a powerful vision, and develop strategies to thrive in an environment of constant change. She ensures you have the most important strategy conversations to drive results – whether that’s tackling sacred cows or deciding what you need to stop doing. She helps you open the door to innovative approaches to old problems and develop curiosity around new ideas that foster creative problem-solving. Along the way, her facilitation encourages people to galvanize around a shared purpose and goal for the future.

So often people think there’s only one right way to do strategic planning. Amanda really customized her approach to what we needed. That required a lot of flexibility. She made the process interesting and solicited clear conclusions with measurable results. The strategic plan we have is exciting. I don’t think we could’ve gotten to where we are now without Amanda. She wouldn’t let us get bogged down or distracted. She encouraged broad participation that informed, but did not de-rail, the board’s leadership role. Rather than glossing over the tough issues, Amanda helped us
shine a light on the shadows and make good, even tough, decisions.

Kathy Alm

Executive Director, PATH Intl

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