What clients say about working with Amanda Madorno and Roam Consulting

Amanda is uniquely able to get to the heart of the matter. She can pick up signals from you and your peer group and surface insights you would have missed. She is very direct in a supportive and respectful way. Her Leadership Vision Statement and horse work are also unique among coaches.


Lynne Kjolso

VP, Global Corporate Sales at Microsoft

Amanda helped us move through an executive transition in a professional, rational way. She coached the board and the outgoing executive. It was a very emotional time. Amanda helped us handle things in a way that didn’t destroy the organization, which could easily have happened. She listened to everyone, counseled tolerance and patience, and kept us focused on the end result.

Gracie Close

Founder / Chair, Tierra Village

Amanda’s knowledge is extraordinary. She delivers on what she promises and offers valuable suggestions to help your organization deal with its specific challenges. That’s the real currency of a consultant – she quickly identifies what you’re dealing with, and then defines a process that makes sense, and is customized to what the client needs.

Sarah Westervelt

Board Member, Tierra Village

We hired Amanda as an executive search consultant, but she brought so much more to the table. She gets the whole big picture. She’s a good facilitator, a good coach, and a good problem solver. I don’t think there are a lot of consultants out there who are that effective with a broad spectrum of consulting. Amanda’s capable of all of it and I enjoyed working with her very much.

Greg Robinson

Founder / Head Curator, Bainbridge Island Art Museum

Thank you for a fun, enjoyable, meaningful and most importantly, enriching learning experience. One of our executives rated it as one of the most memorable approaches to teaching leadership skills in his career at Lilly. Amanda, it was truly a pleasure to work with you and your team. We benefited deeply from this experience. And of course, our thanks to the team of horses for a job well done.

Cathy Allen

Lilly Marketing Institute, Lilly Customer Experience Center

Amanda’s not afraid to challenge your thinking. When you bring a problem to her, you’ll leave with shifts in your perspective, and clear next steps to practice with your team. The more you bring the results back to her, the better you will get. The more open you are, the better you will get.

See the coaching and the assignments she gives you through. The more open I was to what she suggested, the more I learned. I’ve asked for more coaching because I enjoyed the sessions so much.

John Gagnon

Sales Director, Bing Ads

Amanda and her firm have this wonderful ability to listen and to receive. They really process what your organization is about. They saw where we were and understood how we could move to a more effective outcome.  The most enjoyable thing is how personable Amanda and her associate were.

They understood on an emotional level what was going on behind the scenes and were just so thoughtful and sensitive about how we moved forward to restructure.

Debbie Brainerd

Board Member, Bainbridge Island Art Museum

Amanda is a godsend! She turned a challenging leadership transition into an incredible learning and personal growth opportunity that continues to benefit me today. I can’t thank her enough for the contribution she made to our organization, and, my individual growth. The high point was coaching sessions with her horses. I bonded with Cato instantly. His immediate response to my body language, focus, intent, and energy taught me more in an hour than any all-day seminar could ever teach me. Two years after working with Cato, I interviewed for the most amazing leadership position of my career.

Throughout that process, I called upon that time with Cato and walked in to the interview with a clear vision, focus, and a powerful leadership energy that I am certain helped me land the job.

Many thanks to Amanda and my buddy Cato!

Neil Myrick

Global Head, Tableau Foundation

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