Leadership Development and Coaching

Attain New Levels of Success for Yourself,
Your Team, and Your Business
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Leadership Development and Coaching
Attain New Levels of Success for Yourself, Your Team, and Your Business.

Stevie Silver Coach of Year 2020
Best Business Consultants Seattle 2021
Influence Digest Top Executive Coach Seattle WA

For nearly 30 years, Roam Consulting LLC has helped leaders drive personal and organizational change

Executive Coaching

Lasting and positive change for
leaders and their organizations.

Strategy and Facilitation

Conversations that matter.
Process that works.

Team Exellence

Inspire and motivate your team to
higher levels of performance.

Leadership is action, not position.

Are you at the top of your leadership game?
Taking on increased responsibilities?
Or maybe you’re new to the leadership role?

Leadership can be hard. Amanda’s here to help.

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Perhaps you’re facing a complex challenge or grappling with a tough, new problem and you need fast, effective results aligned with your business strategy. Or you’re committed to leadership development and have invested in your team –yet there’s a more high-performing level of team you’d like to achieve.

To move the dial and get a new view on your leadership, work with Amanda Madorno of Roam Consulting LLC. Amanda’s focus on emotional intelligence (EQ) as a foundation for leadership excellence helps you gain personal insight and clarity, achieve a new level of business impact, and create connected, cohesive teams ready to solve thorny problems. Whether working individually with you or together with your team, an exceptional experience awaits.

Successful and innovative leadership with horses programs are more than just training or team building activities. Focused on building EQ competencies in you and your team, they leave you with powerful, transformative, and lasting leadership results

When you work with Amanda, you can count on something great happening.
Because when it comes to leadership, she gets it. And she gets you.

leadership with horses

Here are just some of the wonderful clients with whom we work, often on a repeat basis.

What is a Personal Leadership Statement?

What is a Personal Leadership Statement?

A personal leadership statement is an important exercise in self-knowledge that clarifies a leader’s purpose, values, and beliefs about who they are as a leader and how they lead others.  The process begins with identifying the core experiences and role models that...

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When Your Game Plan Changes

When Your Game Plan Changes

Kate is a gentle, well-mannered mare. She's a light creamy color known as buttermilk buckskin.  One of the first honorary members of the Epona Meadows Herd, she worked for years as an equine coach in Leadership with Horses. We introduced ‘In The Box’ to a client group...

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