Bring your best leadership self forward

My clients are amazing people

Coaching leaders is my passion!  I love working beside clients as they take the risks to grow individually and collectively.  I have been so fortunate to work with intelligent, successful, creative people whom it is my genuine good fortune to serve.

When you work with me as a coach, we set specific performance goals and targets to help you achieve leadership success. We determine clear and attainable targets in order to get you to the professional outcomes you are looking for. Getting to the next level and getting “unstuck” can be as simple as agreeing with your coach what you want to do and agreeing when and how to do it. Accountability is an important tool in coaching – as your coach I will keep you accountable for agreements you make with me.

I invite you to explore the coaching packages and leadership and emotional intelligence assessments I offer to meet your individual needs. You may also want to inverstigate leadership development opportunities and Leadership Workshops with Horses for the teams you work with and lead.

Finding the right coach is important

Every leader is unique and so are the people who say they can help. The right coach is someone that you respect for their experience, someone you trust to challenge and support you.  Learn more about me as a coach and check out my Coaching FAQs.  And don’t hesitate to contact me today to schedule a 30-minute complimentary coaching session or discuss how I can help you bring out your best self.

What You Get When You Work with Me
My Role as Your Coach
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