Not long ago, Leadership with Horses recently welcomed Kim Heuss, VP of Marketing at Faithlife. As a horsewoman and someone who had previously experienced equine facilitated learning, Kim was enthusiastic for her marketing team to have a similar opportunity.

This training was one of the most valuable programs I’ve been through. I learned how to stop and scan my team, listen to and observe nuance, and engage with grounded intention. Our team walked away with a new appreciation of horses and the value they bring as a teacher and mirror to us. My team also has a new grounding in their own personal leadership skills. I highly recommend this program for leaders, managers, teams and or individuals who are committed to self development. – Kim Heuss

After talking with Kim about her team, who they were as a group, what their challenges and opportunities were, we settled on a learning theme: Building Connection for Effective Collaboration. Core concepts included:

  • To establish connection with others, first you need to be connected to yourself.
  • Connected to yourself means activating leadership from your head, heart, and gut.
  • Connection to others is physical, energetic, and emotional.
  • Authentic, empathetic connection within a team leads to excellent execution.

Kim Heuss makes a connection with Coach Cato. Photo by Jessica Farren.

I always enjoy working with Catherine Bachy, who  joined me to incorporate somatic coaching techniques to introduce Kim’s team to embodied leadership principles. These principles help ground and center leaders in a physical experience of leadership, which is essential to establishing connection with others.


Connection: When you’ve got it, you know it.  You feel it.  You breathe it.  You sense it.

  • When was the last time  you experienced connection with your team?
  • How well do you understand the power of connection
  • How flexible are you, for real?







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