As a result of the great work Amanda did with KidsQuest Children’s Museum (I’m a KidsQuest board member), I asked her to work with me and my leadership team at the Meydenbauer Center – Bellevue, Washington’s $8 million premier convention center and performing arts theatre. We operate with a strategic as well as annual business and marketing plans.  We regularly scan our environment, and seek out and receive feedback from our customers.

We didn’t need to re-do our mission or start again with a strategic plan.  We didn’t need more analysis.  We needed a shorter-term strategy that intersected with the good work we’d already completed.  Amanda worked with me up front to understand exactly what I was looking for and created a program that fit both my needs and my budget.

In just five sessions, we developed an 18-month strategic framework that specifically addresses how we will deal with issues that affect us in the new economy.  She helped us put together a one-page strategic framework, with a Thematic Goal.  From this flowed four Defining Objectives that aligned with five Standard Operating Objectives.  Efficient.  Practical.  Cost-effective.  She definitely delivered what we wanted and where there was an opportunity for her to share a little more of her expertise with us she did so!

For example, our group – like any group – had some exterior issues at play.  Amanda was great a reading them and encouraging our team to frankly discuss and look at ways to resolve the issues.  The most rewarding part of our work is we have a vision for our future, a game plan for how to get there and we have the tools to make our meetings more effective to assist us in reaching our goals.

We look forward to keeping a working relationship with Roam Consulting so that if/when we get derailed she can help get us back on track and keep us there!

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