Do you have a personal leadership statement?

A personal leadership statement (PLS) is a great tool for a more effective leader. There’s no point letting your PLS sit in a drawer. Research shows that the most effective leaders with clear and compelling PLS share their own personal leadership statement with others, particularly those with whom they work.

Your PLS enables you to share yourself in a way that gives your employees insight, confidence, and connection to you. It also lets them know where you stand and what they can expect. My clients have used their PLS in creative and effective ways to:

  • Authentically introduce themselves at employee orientations, professional and networking events, you name it. People always care more about who you are than what you’ve done.
  • Incorporate elements into speeches, presentations, and keynotes. For example, I have a handful of leadership stories about what my grandmother and my horses have taught me about leadership that I regularly use when I present at conferences or conduct pieces of training.
  • Share selections in written messages to stakeholders – annual reports and monthly newsletters.
  • Communicate their commitments, expectations, and perspective.
  • Focus on their priorities.

How have you shared your PLS with others?  What has shifted for you and others when you’ve done this?

Do you need a personal leadership statement?

If so, call me at  (425) 488-7747 or send me an emailI can send you some PLS examples my clients have used to become more effective leaders. Or you can sign-up for one of my programs on creating your own PLS. I’m offering a special PLS package to new clients. In nine sessions, you’ll have clarity and focus on your core leadership purpose, values, expectations, and commitments.

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