Leadership and Strategic Planning go hand in hand

Without a plan leaders don’t know where to lead.  And without effective leaders, even the best plans fail.  Planning is an opportunity to learn and grow.  It is more than just a business activity.  It’s a learning process that includes maSVTCore-Valuesny opportunities to build relationships – even friendships – by engaging people in conversations that lift the spirit and galvanize them around a shared sense of the future.  It’s an opportunity to be curious about new ideas, to test assumptions, and to practice a spirit of inquiry that could result in creative, innovative approaches to old problems.

We’ve facilitated hundreds of strategic planning sessions. When strategic planning is done right, it is an indispensable leadership tool. Done poorly, it can be a waste of time or worse.

So what does it take to do it right?

One size does not fit all. No one has a corner on the best approach to planning.  For some organizations, a traditional approach works best.  For others, establishing a strategic focus and defining key objectives is more than enough.  As your planning facilitators, Roam Consulting will work with you to develop a process and a plan that is right for you.  While we are adept with different planning approaches, we don’t insist on a specific planning model or recommend complicated planning activities that aren’t needed.

SVT Board RetreatFocus on what matters.  When you work with us as your planning partners, we help you focus on what will move the dial for your organization’s performance and how to increase your capacity to achieve these things.  We simply do not believe in 50-page strategic plans in 10 point font size.

Planning is interactive.  We understand how important it is for planning to actively engage participants so that they can make better decisions, get better solutions, and achieve outcomes that matter by leveraging the enormous intellectual and creative capacity of collective conversations and insights.  We don’t do dry, dull and laborious.

Rather, we believe that strategic planning should be participatory, create a sense of energy and most of all, should be fun.  We accomplish this with our clients by incorporating the best practices in adult learning and with planning tools such as graphic recording, interactive process design, peer facilitation, and sustainable learning strategies.

We stay flexible.  Strategic planning isn’t a linear process.  We can and do re-design as we go.  One of our recent clients initially thought their vision, mission and values were fine at the beginning of the planning process.  In the middle, the planning leadership realized that all three needed re-tooling.  So we helped them do that.  And it didn’t cost them more money.  That’s how we work.

Let us make your next strategic planning process a breakthrough event that propels your organization toward its preferred future!  Contact Amanda today.