Cato and Amanda
at an endurance ride on Mt. Adams

What and who inspires you as a leader? Do you remember the last time you inspired someone to do something great? We have all been inspired by someone who has made us stop and reconsider, or who has pushed us beyond what we imagined was possible. My horses are a source of inspiration for me, and for clients like Neal, too.

What inspires your willingness? Horses are social animals. They have a deep and necessary willingness to connect or join up. Most horses look forward to partnership and are eager to  learn something new or give their best effort when we ask. They inspire me to be trustworthy, clear about what I want, and consistent in how I ask for it.

What inspires your generosity? For me, one of the most magnificent things about horses is their generosity of spirit. They are present to us and for us, and see us for who we really are. They forgive easily, are fundamentally kind, and never self-absorbed. Generosity springs from willingness. They want to work for me when I am fully present to them, give them encouragement, and ask again kindly if they make a mistake.

What inspires your open-heartedness? Horses have a deep desire for connection and partnership. When I take time to just ‘be’ with and enjoy my horses, they offer me their peaceful companionship, often grazing close by or lying down in the grass next to me. Open-heartedness requires both willingness and generosity – my flexibility to look or to try again. If something doesn’t work, to be curious about what might work. To be compassionate with myself and my horses as we stay open to change and create possibility together.

We can all be inspirational leaders. If you’re looking for a little leadership inspiration this spring, consider attending Mindful Leadership or bring your team to a Leadership with Horses session scheduled for the summer.  You can also check out some of these resources:

I wish you a spring filled with inspiration!

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