Does This Sound Like Your Team?

Your team is a collection of talented personalities rather than a high performing constellation.

You struggle with competing – maybe even hidden – agendas.

You have talented people who need additional development to take on
new challenges and make a more meaningful contribution.

You have rewarded your bright, accomplished professionals with a promotion
only to find their training has not prepared them to lead and inspire others.

Team Excellence

Great teams don’t happen. They’re created and developed over time. Leading a team requires commitment, sponsorship for change, and a willingness to stretch ourselves. It’s hard, necessary, rewarding work that we sometimes would rather not do. We get distracted. We put it off. We don’t devote enough time to the effort.

Yet, to do big things, you need a great team. And great teams result from this handful of things: trust, accountability, strong leadership, the ability to embrace differences and adapt to each other’s strengths, and a cohesive culture and identity.

And it’s hard, if not impossible, to get there by yourselves. Whether you want to develop emerging leaders or seek to retain your high performers, Roam Consulting’s leadership development programs provide your people with the skills to unlock their potential. We look in objectively from the outside, and put our years of experience to work to help you figure out exactly what you need to fast track you and your team toward your goals.

Your team will:

  •  Understand more about themselves,
     their leadership style and qualities
  •  Increase their confidence as leaders
  •  Create a compelling personal leadership vision
  •  Motivate their teams and colleagues more effectively
  •  Ignite passion and creativity
  •  Master the art of persuasion
  •  Drive exceptional business success
  •  Relieve stress and have some fun


How Do We Do It?

We get clear on the gap. We can’t help if we don’t understand the problem. We interview your team and collect information about the surrounding business system to figure out where we can help your team shift to unlock their potential and value.

We leverage your team’s EQ. Teams have an emotional intelligence of their own. It’s comprised of each person’s individual emotional intelligence, plus the collective competency of the group. We administer individual EQ assessments and provide a Team EQ Profile so you understand yourselves and each other better. Then we work with you to develop greater emotional intelligence individually and collectively to leverage each other’s strengths. We also help you eliminate operating assumptions and blind spots that block a team’s progress.

We cultivate self-knowledge as the foundation for leadership growth. Who are you really as a leader? What’s the impact of your leadership style on others? What’s your communication style? How do you process information and make decisions? The answers to these questions provide a framework for personal insight, deeper self-awareness and creates a dynamic model for team development.

We focus on what matters – the small set of activities or behaviors that produce results for your team. Concepts are important, but they don’t deliver results. We don’t lecture you about trust. We show you how to extend it, earn it, maintain it and repair it when it breaks down (because at some point, it will break down). We work with you to develop a discipline of team practice. This is how teams sustain results, overcome obstacles, and move ahead – no matter what happens.

Contact us today to discover the power that drives your team.

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