Amanda has been coaching virtually for years. It’s a cost-effective way to have coaching anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Leadership Coaching

Even leaders who usually navigate change well may find themselves reacting differently in times of deep uncertainty, starting to feel lost, hopeless, and anxious. Online leadership learning and development is something you or your team can do now. Amanda can help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and professionally as you lead in  a virtual office environment and navigate this new online landscape with increased confidence, adaptability, and compassion.

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Online Leadership Coaching

Online leadership coaching can strengthen and sustain your resilience, no matter the circumstances. In a safe, confidential space, Amanda helps you to test ideas and learn how to:

  • manage or regain energy and focus.
  • recapture a sense of clarity and purpose.
  • build your EQ skills.
  • confidently navigate tough decisions with significant consequences.

Virtual Leadership Development

As new ways of doing business online emerge it’s more important than ever to support and develop leaders. Even as we continue to adapt during these challenging times, people need development, connection, and something else to focus on besides the crisis. Leadership learning and development is something they can do now.

Emotional Intelligence Development:

EQ assessments, coaching, and customized virtual leadership training for teams

Uncertainty and anxiety go together. EQ skills and strategies are essential for leaders and teams to maintain their emotional health, recognize and manage their emotions, and develop resilience. Our online programs help you:

  • care for yourself and build your capacity to cope
  • identify and take control of your emotions – before they control you
  • take charge of your mindset to be optimistic and solutions-oriented

Team Temperature Assessments

It’s more important than ever to know where your people are and what they need to be an effective team player. By asking specific questions about how your team is feeling about their work and their relationships with other team members, we can help you get an accurate snapshot of where your team is emotionally and mentally. Then y will get an action plan that helps address their needs and concerns.

Virtual Facilitation and Planning

You may not know what lies ahead specifically for your organization. But, you will need to keep your virtual team focused on the here and now while also keeping future goals for your company in mind. Whether it’s short- or long-term, now is the time to think about how you retain your customers, reduce costs, or personalize aspects of your business online. 

While it’s impossible to replicate the experience of an in-person meeting online, Amanda can help you productively tackle even the most challenging issues. She’s adept at using technology to maximize participation and engagement. Whether you’re scheduling a leadership offsite, board meeting, or need to do some scenario planning, Amanda’s expertise in virtual facilitation and strategic planning can encourage creativity and keep everyone engaged.

virtual Leadership development coaching

Graphic recording provided live during virtual facilitation by Catherine Bachy.

Online Leadership Development with Horses Training

We’ve curated online components of our signature equine-guided leadership development program, which is grounded in emotional intelligence principles. And guess what? We bring the horses to you online! This new approach makes Leadership Development with Horses accessible to everyone. It also provides a robust, more impactful experience for leaders and teams before they schedule their in-person, interactive session with horses.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now

  • Are you regularly displaying empathy?
  • Are you showing optimism in the face of uncertainty?

  • Are you being flexible in the ‘new normal’?

  • Are you adapting smoothly to changing realities?


Take the Pulse of Your Team!

  • Do you know what your people are really thinking and feeling?
  •  Are they suffering from online fatigue and decision fatigue?
  • What do they need most from you right now as their leader?

​​For last the 15 years I’ve been blessed to work with Amanda in a variety of capacities – as my executive coach (three times!), strategic planner, and trainer. Now, she’s helping me build the most amazing leadership team. She really believes in me/us/you. This, combined with her huge heart and willingness to call it as she sees it, is the perfect combination for a coach.

I’ve always enjoyed her style but over the last couple of years, she’s helped my team grow into even more amazing leaders. Her work with the leaders on my team has been game-changing. Not only are we finding better ways to take care of ourselves, but we’re also finding and honoring the parts of us that make us who we are. There aren’t enough accolades to share my profound gratitude for her work with me and my teams. 

Alison Poulson

Executive Director, Better Health Together, and VP Community Development, Empire Health Foundation


 Amanda is a truly talented leadership coach who not only offers executive coaching but can dig into building foundational business strategies for any organization. She recently helped my team by leading our mission/vision/values process and laying down a critical framework for thinking through our corporate culture. So grateful to have now experienced this process twice with Amanda at two very different organizations with equally excellent & educational results!

Karen Huh

CEO, Miraculex

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