Coach Lykka and Coach Kate at work during our May demonstration of Leadership with Horses.

Coach Lykka and Coach Kate during our May demonstration of Leadership with Horses.

Wow, 2014 already feels like a rapid-fire blur! The Year of the Horse has certainly galloped into spring. In many cultures, the horse represents leadership, freedom and movement, change and transformation, and enjoyment of life’s adventures.

I’ve certainly felt that energy. It’s been a busy six months filled to the brim with wonderful coaching clients, strategic planning and meeting facilitation, and an early kick off April 8th for Leadership with Horses.

I’m blessed to be doing what I love most – helping leaders bring forward their best and most authentic selves.  At the same time, it’s been a bit of a challenge to get to some of the other things also on my plate – like this e-news!

Many of the leaders I work with also feel over-loaded with responsibility from time to time. People are waiting outside their door. Their email is demanding attention. It’s when we start to feel over-whelmed and too busy that life gets complicated. That’s when we can take a step back, a deep breath, and look for where we can focus and simplify.

In fact, as Mark Miller points out, it could be a leader’s most important job.  I was so inspired by this article that I decided to take a different approach to goal-setting this year.  I’ve got just one goal – to simplify my life and my business.

Deciding on this single, clear goal has helped me feel surprisingly less stressed and more focused.  My attention is on building my coaching practice and Leadership with Horses program.  I feel as if I have choice and flexibility about where I put my time and attention, and permission to step away from things. For example, I’m taking a break from interim CEO assignments this year.

Michael Alter took a similar approach to his leadership resolution.  It’s short, sweet, targeted.  I get the feeling that he’s going to accomplish his goal and make an impact.

Here are some of my favorite resources to help you stay focused and simplify your life:

What are you doing to simplify your leadership and your life?  Drop me an email and I’ll share your insights in my next issue.

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